“Love People, Not Pleasure”

Each week, my next-door neighbor gives me his copy of the Sunday edition of The New York Times to read after he’s done with it. This little treat gives me glimpses into a life that doesn’t resemble mine at all – the magazine insert often features full-color ads for exquisite-looking apartments or condos that cost four- to ten-million dollars – and it also gives me a periodic dose of new ideas to consider. If I’m busy, an edition or two might pile up, so I’m often slightly behind on sharing stories.

I often enjoy what I read in the Sunday Review section, the brief factual articles and op-ed tidbits, but this opinion piece from the July 20, 2014 paper really grabbed me: “Love People, Not Pleasure” by Arthur C. Brooks. I won’t spoil it by summarizing the ideas he presents, but I will say that his argument does a good job of putting our life’s pursuits into perspective in a fairly short space. In our capitalist nation, where we often measure success in material terms, we actually know better— practicing what we preach is the problem.

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