Old Movies

I love movies— old movies more than new ones, really. When I say I love movies, I have to clarify that I couldn’t care less if some Hollywood person is making yet another CGI action sequel or what the current big names actors are doing. I don’t care much about movie trivia or about remembering which film won an Oscar in which year. I just love movies, as stories, as art.

In recent years, The DVR and Netflix, Red Box, and Amazon Prime have really been a blessing for a movie buff. I can scroll through the guide on my cable box, sift through TCM or AMC or IFC or the Encore channels, record what sounds interesting, and watch one when I feel like it. I’ve got an especial fondness for movies from the 1960s and 1970s, and for any of the classics from latter half of the twentieth century. The old movie channels are great for finding those. Frankly, the streaming services aren’t very good for more obscure older movies, but they’re great for newer movies, which I would probably neglect if I could only see them in the theaters.

Though I’m not dogmatic or polemical about it, I have a little notebook where I jot down the names of movies I’ve watched and of books I’ve read, mainly in case I get one of those memory lapses and think, “What was the name of that movie . . .?” I can look in my notebook and usually figure it out. Well, I was thumbing through it the other day, and here are the movies I’ve watched in the last calendar year. Some I had seen before and was re-watching, some were new to me.

“Stars in My Crown” (1950)
“Wise Blood” (1979)
“Frances Ha” (2012)
“August: Osage County” (2012)
“Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone” (2010)
“My Dinner with Andre” (1981)
“This is the End” (2012)
“12 Years a Slave” (2013)
“Angels & Demons” (2009)
“Late Night Shopping” (British, 2001)
“Life Force” (British, 1985)
“Count Yorga, Vampire” (1970)
“Kid Blue” (1973)
“Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural” (1973)
“Rome Adventure” (1962)
“Raintree County” (1957)
“Ghosts of Mississippi” (1989)
“Philomena” (2012)
“The Prophecy” (1980)
“The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing” (1973)
“Saving Mr. Banks” (2013)
“Banished” (documentary, 2006)
“The Last Rebel” (1973)
“No Way Out” (1950)
“Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears” (1973)
“The Book Thief” (2013)
Fellini’s “Roma” (1973)
“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” (1981)
“Marathon Man” (1976)
“The Contradictions of Fair Hope” (documentary, 2012)
“La Pariesienne” (French, 1958)
“Plucking the Daisy” (French, 1956)
Fellini’s “Juliet of the Spirits” (1965)
“Lincoln” (2013)
“Phantom Punch” (2008)
“Fed Up” (documentary, 2014)
“Suspiria” (1977)
“Let’s Scare Jessica to Death” (1971)
“Nights of Cabiria” (1957)
Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt” (1968)
“And So It Goes” (2014)
“If I Stay” (2014)
“The Skeleton Twins” (2013)
“Begin Again” (2013)
“Let The Right One In” (2008)
“Belle” (2013)
“Boyhood” (2014)
“Brother John” (1971)
“Kingdom of Heaven” (2005)
“Calvary” (2014)
“… tick . . . tick . . . tick” (1970)
“Intruder in the Dust” (1949)
“The Chase” (1966)
“Blue Jasmine” (2013)
“Black Mama, White Mama” (1973)
“Spider Baby” (1964)
“Sophie’s Choice” (1982)
“Cooley High” (1975)
“Food Chains” (documentary, 2014)
“Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” (2011)
“Living on One Dollar” (documentary, 2014)
“Frankenstein” (1994)
“The Kids are All Right” (2010)
“The Howling, Part IV” (1989)
“The Hunger” (1983)
“Bucket of Blood” (1959)
“Alice in Wonderland” (2010)
“The Black Klansman” (1966)
“Klute” (1971)
Luis Buñuel’s “Tristana” (1970)
Luis Buñuel’s “Simon of the Desert” (1965)
“Wait Until Dark” (1967)
“Dog Day Afternoon” (1975)
“The Cat O’ Nine Tails” (1971)
“The Longest Week” (2014)
“Chisholm ’72: Unbought and Unbossed” (documentary, 2004)
“Welcome to Hard Times” (1967)
“Born Losers” (1967)
“Smokey and the Bandit” (1983)
“The English Teacher” (2013)
Fellini’s “Boccaccio ’70” (1962)
“Glory Stompers” (1968)
and . . .
“Blindness” (2008)

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