Critical Thinking

the #newschool: Conservatives against #ClimateChange

This story that ran on PBS NewsHour on May 14, “Rising Conservative Voices Call for Climate Change Action,” opened my eyes to something I was not aware even existed: sentiments within the larger conservative movement that climate change is real and that action is required.

Perhaps the most intriguing group in this story – at least, to me – was Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (who can also be found on Twitter at @YECAction). The signs they carried and the t-shirts they wore during their march extolled Biblical values about being good neighbors and good stewards of God’s earth, which are both ideas that I completely agree with.

And it’s not just younger conservatives who are mindful of facing these problems. The story also features a Florida Republican congressman named Carlos Curbelo, who along with Democratic counterpart Ted Deutsch created the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the US House, and a climate-change solutions report authored by the Conservation Leadership Council, which includes familiar Republican names like George Schultz, James Baker, and Henry Paulson.

There is so much room for far-reaching, bipartisan action on climate change and environmental protection. I don’t care what a person’s political affiliation or religion may be; we all want a safe and clean environment for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and our descendants, and we can’t let divisiveness, misunderstanding, or a short-term lack of vision jeopardize our access ro basic human needs like clean water, fresh air, and healthy food.

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