Lazy Afternoon Reruns: “So what does that mean?”

*Since the publication of the original post in January 2011, the blog has changed its name to Welcome to Eclectic. Pack Mule for the New School was the blog’s title from its inception in 2010 until June 2018.

The name of my blog comes from a poem I wrote entitled “Ain’t No Tellin’ What’ll Become of Me.” The poem was published in a Louisville-based literary magazine called Churches, Banks & Bars, which I don’t think is in print anymore. To me, the title phrase means that I am just one of those people who does the plodding work of not giving in to hopelessness. I’ll probably never be famous or revered or rich, or even remembered in the long run. I will never run for political office or start a movement. I am a classroom teacher and a writer. I’m just a “pack mule” in this whole ordeal.

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