Lazy Afternoon Reruns: “Not So Fast: Racists and Re-election”

The Deep Southern states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina did not contribute one single electoral vote to the re-election of Barack Obama. In fact, for most of the last three decades, the Republican Party has been counting on the South for those electoral votes (and those seats in Congress) in the same way that the Democratic Party did for many decades of the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. (Even though Obama claimed North Carolina back in 2008, he didn’t pick it up this time around.) I have to wonder: despite many Deep Southern voters’ current love affair with the Republican Party, were Obama’s arguments for his ideas and programs not effective enough? Do the region’s social conservatism and Bible-Belt leanings not jive with his stances on hot-button issues like  gay marriage and abortion rights?  I mean, why don’t so many people in the Deep South identify with an Ivy League-educated liberal black lawyer from Chicago? It’s all very complicated. But, maybe if we look to Twitter for the answer, we’ll figure it out . . .

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