(Unpublished) #Poem: “Yes I Know”

This poem was written in December 2009, and the opening lines were inspired by the 1999 Guy Clark song, “Cold Dog Soup,” whose chorus goes: “There ain’t no money in poetry / but that’s what sets the poet free / and I have had all the freedom I can stand.” After that, the poem went in a different direction, exploring how human beings seem to work against our own best interests.

Yes I Know

Since the Earth isn’t free
and neither is poetry,
we tell ourselves:
Yes I know, but I want to.

While the greenery browns
And grey rains fall down,
the living weep:
Yes I know, but I want to.

Since poor men’s pleading
can be handled like weeding,
the rich think:
Yes I know, but I want to.

As young girls will smile
at the boy with the guile,
his mind says:
Yes I know, but I want to.

As the answers to our prayers
dance around in the air,
God’s word is still:
Yes I know, and I want you to.

About ten years ago, I all but quit submitting poems to literary magazines and began sharing a few here. To read previous (Unpublished) #Poem posts, each with its own mini-introduction, click on the title below:

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