Lazy Afternoon Reruns: “The Point”

Last night, I was reading from a book called The Point: Where Teaching & Writing Intersect, a Teachers & Writers Collaborative publication from 1983 that contains a variety of works by the group’s foundational members about their experiences and findings. As this school year ends and as I am finishing this Surdna Arts Teacher Fellowship that has helped me to rethink the way I am teaching and writing, this collection is something I have been intending to read.

So I sat down on my couch, after the kids were in bed, and flipped randomly to a longer piece by a woman named Barbara Danish. Her essay focused on journaling, which she used as a way to bring out honesty in young people, who can often remain guarded even in the most private of writings, like a journal or diary. She wrote about how, even there, some writers can have the fear of being “found out” or of the book falling into someone’s hands. Because after all, journaling is talking to yourself, right? It’s thinking on paper. What is written in journals is not meant for consumption.

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