(Unpublished) #Poem: “Don’t Nobody Even Like You.”

This poem was written last February and should be self-explanatory. The allusions in the first two lines, in case you don’t know them, are to the anti-heroine of the novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and American expatriate writer Henry Miller. Beyond that, if you know anything about cars, Hurricane Sandy, and geometry, it should all fall into place.

Don’t nobody even like you.

Mick Kelly never did fit in.
Neither did the Happiest Man Alive.

But what I’ve learned is:
when a V8 302 is modified
to run on decaf coffee,
it’s sadder than seeing
a ferris wheel sticking out
of the ocean.

The angles are all obtuse here,
in this little Bermuda Triangle,
but the points still meet up,
closing us all in
rather effectively.

About ten years ago, I all but quit submitting poems to literary magazines and began sharing a few here. To read previous (Unpublished) #Poem posts, each with its own mini-introduction, click on the title below:

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