After the 2002 publication of his poetry chapbook Kindling Not Yet Split, Foster Dickson had about twenty poems published in small-circulation and online journals between 2003 and 2006. Though he has continued to write poetry in the dozen years since, by 2008, Foster had all but quit submitting to literary magazines. (Two poems have appeared in journals since then: one in Birmingham Arts Journal in 2009, and one in Steel Toe Review in 2013.) Rather than continuing the process of write-and-submit, Foster later began sharing a few of his poems here. To read any of the (Unpublished) #Poem posts, each with its own mini-introduction, click on the title below:

(Unpublished) #Poem: “I Should’ve Been George Willard.”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Point to Something Red”

(Unpublished) #Poem: a haiku series

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Don’t Nobody Even Like You”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Yes, I Know”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “They Come, Growling”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Lost Things”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Taking Root”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Sabbatical”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Southern Soil”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “I Know”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Common”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Zero”

(Unpublished) #Poem: [Untitled]

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Reading Kenko”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Curb Market, Saturday Morning”

(Unpublished) #Poem: “Greatest Unknown”

The links below lead to selections from Foster’s writing about poetry and poets:

“An Interview with Ron Whitehead” in Evergreen Review #110, 2005

The Life and Poetry of John Beecher, 1904 – 1980, published by Edwin Mellen Press, 2009

“Bring Poetry Back Home” in Multicultural Review, Winter 2009

Review of American Happiness by Jacqueline Trimble for the Alabama Writers Forum, January 2017