Life and Education

inspired by “Apophthegms & Interludes”
in Friedrich Nietszche’s Beyond Good and Evil

On Life and Living It

Never, ever side with ignorance.

Respect, not agreement, is the basis for human relationships.

Don’t mistake being loud for being right.

If you’re not going to do it right, get away from it.

Too many people mistake control for leadership.
(Control means that we must follow someone. Leadership means that we want to.)

Branches will always extend out
from a trunk, which is held in place
by the roots.

You shouldn’t hate anything. (Hating takes energy, and that energy can be better spent anywhere else.)

Fire has no friends.

The hallmark of adulthood is responsibility, not freedom. (When someone says, “Grow up,” he isn’t admonishing you to do as you please.)

Anyone who generalizes about a whole group of people is more interested in scapegoats than in solutions.

Just because perspectives are changing doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re improving.

Too few people understand the differences between advice and instructions.

Order makes freedom possible.

Leading a simple life is good. Being simple-minded about it is not.

If we spent more time treating each other right and less time arguing about how to treat each other right, we would all be better off.

Neither “please” nor “thank you” cost one red cent.

Making a generalization is one of the easiest ways to be wrong.

On Education and Learning

Learning is more important than any grade. (You can’t take your A in Civics into the voting booth with you.)

There is no bigger waste of time than comparing yourself to another person.

The success or failure of any educational endeavor depends completely on one factor: the student’s attention.

It is not a teacher’s job to teach students what to think. It is a teacher’s job to teach students how to think.

Anybody who thinks that the arts are “non-necessity” ought to try living without them.

It takes real discipline to do freedom well.

There are a great many tasks where it is pleasant to let someone else do them for us. Thinking is not one of them.

A failure is only a failure if you don’t learn something from it.

Education is not meant to make us comfortable but to make us better.

The best writing says the most with fewest words possible.

Be careful you don’t outsmart yourself.

You can’t learn anything until you admit that you don’t know everything.


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