Category: Black Belt

The swath of formerly rich farmland from Meridian, Mississippi to Tuskegee, Alabama. So-called for its black soil and for its slave-holding plantations

#throwbackthursday: March 21, 1965

It was 54 years ago today that the Selma-to-Montgomery March began in earnest, after two other attempts earlier that month. This time, a court order from Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr. and 3,000 federal troops helped them along. However, not to be outdone completely, the Alabama legislature passed a resolution “urging all residents of Alabama to stay away.” The resolution, which was quoted on the front page of the Montgomery Advertiser, advised that “the tension created could result in violence and bloodshed,” proffered a course of action that would “show the world that Alabamians are a law abiding and peace loving people.”

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