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Foster’s new book Closed Ranks: The Whitehurst Case in Post-Civil Rights Montgomery is available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, and other national and local retailers. The release was held on November 1, 2018 at the Read Herring Bookstore in downtown Montgomery and was covered by the Montgomery Advertiser, WSFA, and The Crime Report. If you missed the release event or others, the bookstore has autographed copies in stock. You can also read the Alabama Writers Forum’s review of the book.

To schedule a signing or book talk, please use the contact form on the About page. While you might think of these as public events that occur in bookstores or on college campuses, Foster will also schedule invitation-only readings and discussions with book clubs, civic organizations, and school groups.

Though Emily Blejwas’s new book The Story of Alabama in Fourteen Foods will not be released until July 2019, the curriculum guide that Foster created for it is available here starting on March 1. The book, which is being published by the University of Alabama Press, is now available for pre-order. Access to the curriculum guide is free.

Foster has been selected to participate in Arizona State University’s National Sustainability Teacher Academy this summer as part of a “teacher team.” The week-long workshop will be held in Missoula, Montana and will center on training teachers how to evaluate their schools’ needs and potential for improved sustainability and how to implement positive solutions. (And thank you to the Montgomery Advertiser for running a nice article on it!)

In 2018, Foster re-designed and coordinated the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum‘s annual Literary Contest. Since 2018 marked the centennial of Scott and Zelda meeting in Montgomery, this year’s theme is “What’s Old Is New,” giving a nod to the daring and innovative spirit of Scott’s and Zelda’s artistic and literary work by seeking out this generation’s brave thinkers. The winners were notified in March 2019, and their winning works will soon be published on the Fitzgerald Museum’s website. The contest is open to high school students and college undergrads, and information about next year’s contest will be posted in the fall.

Having been continuously published since 2010, Pack Mule for the New School was re-named Welcome to Eclectic in June 2018. The focus of the blog remains the same, and no previous posts have been removed. The name was changed to more accurately describe writing that is “Deep Southern, Diversified & Re-Imagined.”

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Beginning in October 2018, Welcome to Eclectic is also featuring a new weekly column called “Dirty Boots: A Column of Critical Thinking, Border Crossing, and Noblesse Oblige,” which is published on Tuesday afternoons. The column offers a Deep Southern, Generation X perspective on life in the 21st century, whose daily (and political) realities regularly present new quandaries that are often born out of the old quandaries. Whether the issue is education or race or food or economics, weekly posts address the possibilities for change in a region with an earned reputation for resisting it.

Any of Foster’s books, including I Just Make People Up about artist Clark Walker and the anthology Children of the Changing South, are available on Amazon and through other national retailers. For a complete listing of Foster’s books, visit his Author Central page on Amazon or his page on GoodReads.

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