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Lazy Afternoon Reruns: “Ten Albums for a Desert Island”

I have been writing about so much heavy stuff lately – budget cuts and education woes – that I wanted to think about something more whimsical, more personal for a minute. I have loved music most of my life, and when I tell you that I love music, I don’t mean that I just don’t care what’s playing. I love music! Well, most of it . . . the truth is that I’m picky and kind of snobby about music.  I can’t stand pop-R&B and pop-country; corporate-formula hip-hop is total garbage, although really honest hip-hop can be incredibly powerful. And that post-grunge crap that came out in the mid- to late 1990s, why did they defile a great short-lived moment in American music? So what do I like . . .?

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