Some Other News from Around the Deep South #5

It has been about three months, so I thought it might be time for another installment of “Other News from Around the Deep South.”

In news out of Georgia, a report published on CNET explains that researchers at Georgia Tech created a malware program – a type of software that will mess up your computer or smart phone – and managed to get it onto Apple’s App Store, even going so far as downloading it onto their own phones to make sure it worked. This was all to prove a point about security, I think. Maybe I’m being short-sighted or dense, but I really hope that these extremely smart researchers at Georgia Tech were also smart enough to spend a little of their research money on dummie phones for the malware to attack and that they didn’t actually use their own phones. The article just says “their phones.”

Over in Mississippi, the creation of charter schools hit a snag, as explained in an article titled: “Mississippi charter school board begins with director and no money.” The folks on that board are working to surmount theses obstacles, which do seem pretty problematic. In a bit of catch-22, the article explains, “Lawmakers didn’t appropriate money, and the board won’t start collecting a 3 percent fee from schools until they open.” The board is also displeased with the law’s requirement that only a lawyer can hold the executive position. That stipulation could as problematic as if they had passed law saying that only a teacher could run the court system.

Right here at home in Alabama, the folks who like to save baby raccoons are up in arms, according to the New York Times. The article, “Don’t Help Injured Baby Raccoons? Alabama Edict Anger Those Who Love Them,” provides a much-longer-than-necessary treatment of how some people don’t want to follow a state Conservation Department order to have the pesky critters “euthanized or just left to fend for themselves.” The order is designed to reduce rabies cases in the state, but the “rehabbers” don’t like it one darn bit.

Lots of exciting stuff going on around the region!

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