Recycling in Montgomery: Done for now . . .

The Montgomery Advertiser reported today that the city’s IREP recycling facility is closing up shop, at least for the time being. What Mayor Todd Strange calls a “temporary suspension” is due to a “massive change in the commodities market.” Apparently, the recycled materials can’t be sold for enough money to keep the facility going. About the closure, the Advertiser reports:

Montgomery Clean City Commission Director Susan Carmichael found out about the closure Monday morning and said there isn’t a long-term alternative in place. The city was providing collection bins for recyclables, but those bins were then taken to IREP.

I’ve been following news coverage of this story for several years now. Today’s news is surprising to me, since IREP won an economic development award earlier this year. But not everyone agrees that IREP is so wonderful. We’ll see what happens. Worse come to worst:

If IREP isn’t able to re-open the center, Strange said the city would eventually gain ownership of the $35 million facility. He said they’re hoping to avoid that.

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