With twenty years of experience in writing, editing, and teaching, Foster Dickson is open to giving presentations at an organization’s meeting or conference, speaking to a high school or college class, or leading a school’s professional development session. To see a list of where and to whom Foster has spoken in the past, see the “Professional Development Presentations” and “Academic and Literary Presentations” sections of his CV/resumé.

Foster’s standard speaking/presenting rate is:

Speaking/Presenting: 100% of travel + 100% of materials cost + $75/hour of presentation time
(That rate is based on two hours of prep time per hour of presentation.)

An alternate arrangement for guaranteed book sales can be made for visiting writer presentations. For more about Foster’s published books, click here.

Foster’s readily available professional development presentations for secondary education teachers, which have been given both on system-level and school-level PD days, are:

  • Peer Reviewing within a Writing Process
  • Start by Listening: Experiential Learning through Community Partnerships
  • The Humanities & The Local

Foster does accept freelance writing and editing assignments from businesses, publishers, and individuals; however, he is not available for new projects until summer 2022. Rates are negotiable, depending on the scope of the project, the nature of the work, and the expected turnaround time. To learn more about Foster’s experience, you can refer to his CV/resume.