Chasing Ghosts

Foster Dickson’s family came into the Deep South in the late 1700s, settling first in the Carolinas, then Georgia, and finally Alabama in the mid-1800s. The Chasing Ghosts series explores that history.

The series came about when Foster’s father passed away not long after giving him a large box of family history materials that he had been compiling since the 1980s. Foster began working with his family history in 2013, using newer digital tools and archives to expand on his father’s findings, and these posts are some of the results. To begin, you should read the first post: “It’s like he knew it was coming.”


Herbert Coleman Dickson, Sr. •  Alberta (Stradford) Dickson
Andrew Conley Foster  •  Gladys (Taylor) Foster


Albert Steward Stradford
Elrath and Sallie (Dean) Taylor
James Davis Dickson, Sr.
Crother Louis Foster


David Madison Dickson, Jr.

Other family members:

Great-great-uncle Herbert
Capt. James Davis Dickson

Summative posts:

The Last Word
Southern Pride
Old Photographs

(The picture shown above is of the Dickson family in 1946. Foster’s grandparents are standing on the left; his great-grandparents in the middle, and the baby being held in his grandfather’s arms is Foster’s father.)