Welcome to Eclectic

Having been continuously published since 2010, Foster’s blog Pack Mule for the New School was re-named Welcome to Eclectic in June 2018. The focus of the blog remains the same: mainly, the culture of the American South, education, multiculturalism, and social justice. The name was changed to more accurately describe writing that is, as the subtitle puts it, “Deep Southern, Diversified & Re-Imagined.” You can help a blogger out by sharing some dollars (that will go to the costs of website maintenance and research).

Since October 2018, Welcome to Eclectic has also featured a weekly column called “Dirty Boots: A Column of Critical Thinking, Border Crossing, and Noblesse Oblige,” which is published on Tuesday afternoons. The column offers a Deep Southern, Generation X perspective on life in the 21st century, whose daily (and political) realities regularly present new quandaries that are often born out of the old quandaries. Whether the issue is education or race or food or economics, weekly posts address the possibilities for change in a region with an earned reputation for resisting it.

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