Hands Uplifted for Freedom and Justice

I went today to see my hands. I heard from a friend that they were up.

In early March, a new permanent exhibit, “Hands Uplifted for Freedom and Justice,” opened at the Troy University Rosa Parks Library and Museum, back in early March. The exhibit displays the bronzed hand-prints of 54 Civil Rights activists and other social justice workers, running the gamut of ages, and my hands were included in the exhibit. It was quite a shock and a real honor to find out that I was chosen. With limited space and funding, the organizers of the effort – Janet Adams, Gwen Patton, and Georgette Norman – could have picked any number of people, especially since this area of the country has no shortage of people who have struggled for justice. Even though I have wondered, both to myself and out loud, how my name made the list, I am still thankful for being named alongside some real heroes of the ongoing movement.

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