How to Oversimplify What You Don’t Understand

I just read this news story posted by Alabama Possible on Twitter. The very short article came from the website of WKRG-TV of Mobile (Alabama) and Pensacola (Florida). The title is “Did you know that the number of children living in poverty in Alabama could fill Bryant Denny Stadium more than three times?” After its brief explanation of a food drive to help needy families, there is one comment below the story, which reads:

dont hate me BUT when you drop out of school at thirteen and start a baby factory what do you expect for your five or six or whatever children and you expect to get paid by we the people and you are.i already sent you my money every month and every month to get off of it and get a job or try going to school for a change. sorry JMO

The point is about children – not their parents – without enough to eat.  The article describes an effort to help some of the nearly 300,000+ children who are in bad circumstances. The sad fact of it is that the person who posted this represents a large number of people who oversimplify the conditions and causes of poverty.

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