(Unpublished) #Poem: “I’m Sure of a Few Things”

I’m Sure of a Few Things

I believe that accidents access accelerated acceptance
I believe that huge hunks of the heyday have been hauled off
I believe that the giants of geopolitics are just gyrating joyfully
I believe that customers keep coming for conundrums and caskets
I believe that weeping widows whet our wicked wantonness
I believe that fresh funnies feature flying feats and fruitless facts
I believe that girls giggle at gaping gall and gawking geeks
I believe that laughing liars lay listlessly, luring us to their lairs
I believe that moneyed moguls meander morbidly in might
I believe that wretched rhetoricians regale redoubled recants
I believe that troubled tribes are trying to trample true travelers
I believe that shut-ins shout and shake in shining shivers
I believe that yonder yawns yield yellow yolks of yin
I believe that frank frigidity frees frightened freaks and friends
I believe that big-bellied bullies bellow about bills
I believe that ducking descending dullards is definitely done
I believe that pleasing plights plow places for pleasant plans
I believe that veering and vacillating vilifies vain victors
I believe that public permits push people powerfully to privacy
I believe that these things thin out from thinking we’re all thoughtless

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