The Value of Education

As November’s election is now only a few weeks away, anyone who understands the value of education has an easy choice when voting in the presidential contest. Re-electing Barack Obama is the only choice. Mitt Romney’s record and statements about his beliefs are simple and clear— he is no friend of public education, nor is he supportive of anyone employed within it, nor is he supportive of the people who utilize its services. This fact is not surprising since he has been wealthy his entire life and has never needed to utilize services offered by public schools. His ignorance of the realities is obvious. The NEA’s website provides an overview of the two candidates positions.

As a public school teacher who has now worked for multiple years with no supply money for my classroom, as a public school teacher who has had the cost of my health insurance and my retirement increased while seeing my salary and the value of benefits remain the same, and as a public school teacher who has been in the classroom during the implementation of No Child Left Behind, I can say with absolute certainty that Mitt Romney’s positions will negatively affect public schools and the children who attend them.

Even if a person doesn’t have or has never had a child in a public school, the quality of public schools does impact everyone’s life. Educational attainment can be correlated as a factor in combatting nearly any social ill a person can imagine. The more education that a person has, the greater economic prospects he will have, the less likely he is to end up incarcerated, the less likely he is to contract preventable diseases . . . the list could keep going. Educating all children benefits all people, including in areas of public safety and public health.

I am urging everyone who understands the value of public education in a stable and productive society to please vote for Barack Obama on November 6.

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