Deep Southern Gardening: Mid-Summer

Over the last year, I’ve been posting periodic images of plants, mostly flowers, that I see around the Deep South, but that I can’t identify. I got an answer to the first one I posted— it is called periwinkle:


But subsequent posts have yielded no such luck. So, here’s a quick rewind from the brief but colorful history of my “Deep Southern Gardening Mystery” posts. I have not been able to put names with any of these plants. The first is a tree in my yard, but I see some people shape them into hedges; it bloomed in late spring. The second is a little flower that I’ve always called “outfield flowers,” because they’re always all over the outfields of little league baseball fields; they’re a late spring/early summer kind of thing. And the third one I encountered on a walking trail in the Georgia mountains last month, there all by itself. Any idea what any of these three plants are called?


 outfield flowers 1

north georgia mystery flower

And here are two more . . .

This first one comes up in my backyard every summer. They’re blooming right now, and obviously like shade— my two huge pecan trees don’t allow much light in. The foliage rises up first, in the late spring, and is there for a while before the flowers come out later. I’m thinking they might be some kind of lily . . .? Somebody help me out.

orange flowers 1 orange flowers 2

The other one is also blooming now. This one is a bush with small almond shaped leaves that stay all year, and these little white blooms pop out all over it in the summer. It’s not bridal wreath but it kind of looks like it. Anybody know what this one is called?

bush with white flowers

Finally, I’ll wrap it up with a few things that are in full bloom right now. First: my althea are covered up in blooms right now! The hummingbirds love these flowers so we get glimpses of them flitting by quite often.

althea And the caladiums are bright and full  . . .

caladiumsSome of the hydrangeas still have blooms on them.

hydrangeaThis is the lantana’s peak time of year . . .

lantanaWhat’s coming next in the gardens? The hollies have their little berries already, but they won’t turn red until the weather cools off.

Hollies with green berries

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