Deep Southern Gardening Mystery #7

These flowers come up right alongside the lily-like red flowers that were the subject of Deep Southern Gardening Mystery #6. They come up in the same spot in the this one little garden, and they appear, like their leafy neighbors to split and spread like bulbs.

These plants sprout in early summer and grow all summer long until the stalks are about seven feet tall by early fall, then they begin to bloom with yellow flowers that look similar to blackeyed susans. But I don’t think these are blackeyed susans. The leaves on the tall stalks are slender and pointed and rough to the touch.

This first picture is of the flower, taken from above it, standing on the porch, and the second is of the stalk. Standing the ground, I have to reach up over my head to be able to touch the flowers.

gardening mystery 9 flower

gardening mystery 9 stalk

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