Montgomery’s award-winning recycling program!

This local story is one I’ve been following for about two years. Back in July 2013, Montgomery began efforts at having a “green” recycling facility that would improve the ease of recycling and turn our city’s trash into renewable energy. The process of contracting with an independent company and building the facility took a while. I was writing about it in May 2014 when the city was still working on this goal and seemed to have realized it. Then in November of last year, the IREP Montgomery facility was up and running.

Now, on August 13, Montgomery’s local NBC affiliate WSFA reported that our state of the art recycling facility has won an award! Their online article explains that the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama has awarded IREP its Innovation Award for Outstanding Public Private Partnership. About the facility, we learn:

Right now, Infinitus Renewable Energy Park, or IREP, diverts nearly 60 percent of Montgomery residents’ waste from the city landfill, and all residents have to do is throw their garbage in the green can.


This is just the first phase in the recycling process. The company is looking to take more steps like converting the trash into a type of fuel, which would result in recycling 75 percent of waste.

Last month, in my post “Bad News Times Three, Alabama,” I shared some of the downsides of life here. But stories like this one can’t be ignored either. The City of Montgomery’s handling of this very real public-administration issue is forward-looking and responsible, and I’m proud of our city’s leaders for seeing it through to fruition.

To learn more about Montgomery’s award-winning waste management/recycling program, click here.

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