Recycling in Montgomery: New Developments

I was thankful to see this news report last week by the Montgomery Advertiser,  in which Montgomery’s mayor Todd Strange provides some insight into the city’s ongoing recycling quandaries. Now that the IREP facility has closed down, the city is in the process of “reclaiming” that facility, whether it be through foreclosure or “amicable transfer of title,” as the mayor puts in the video. He also says that they have prospective companies that may be able/willing to operate the recycling facility. The most realistic and likely option, the article explains, will involve a two-garbage-can system of pickup: one for trash and one for recycling. Fine by me.

As an avid proponent of recycling, I’ve been following this story for some time. Our city’s award-winning IREP facility closed down last October. While IREP’s method of handling trash has its detractors, I was in favor having it up and running. I’m no environmental scientist – just your garden-variety sanctimonious do-gooder – but I’m glad that the City of Montgomery is sticking with its efforts to have a successful recycling program.

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