#throwbackthursday: The Dicksons in Pine Level, ca. 1850

This one is throwing way back on a Thursday. My first relatives to come to Alabama (from Georgia) were David Madison Dickson, Sr. and his wife, Mary Ann Goss Dickson. They settled in the Pine Level community in southern Montgomery County. Below are images of the tiny Pine Level Baptist Church, where the Dicksons and their kin are buried.


David M Dickson



  1. Foster… for months, after discovering your wonderful blog (an excellent one by the way), I have wanted to contact you personally.

    I am James A. Power, Jr. (“Jim”), a great-grandson of James Davis Dickson (1862-1933) and Jessie Ida Thomas Dickson (1868-1908), and also a great-great-grandson of David M. Dickson and Mary Ann Goss Dickson. I’m in Boston, Massachusetts, and I have started documenting some of the stories of the Dickson family ancestors that I have uncovered primarily for my children’s benefit. When I started doing so, I discovered your blog in a Google search and some of the writings you had done on the Dickson family. I traveled to Pine Level and to Montgomery, Alabama, three years ago and visited the Pine Level Baptist Church cemetery and also another smaller one near it–an almost lost burial ground, overgrown and neglected for decades, but supposedly the place of burial of some of the older siblings of my “James Davis Dickson.”

    My first-born son carries the family surname in his name Dickson Benjamin Power (1982-living) and he grew up asking me “who was this ‘Dickson?'” and “why do I carry this name?” I am now attempting to give him the answers.

    I’d love to have the opportunity to speak with you about some of my discoveries, compare notes, and share some genealogical files with you. I only wish I had discovered you and our family connection prior to my trip to Alabama. But, I will return in the near future and I hope to have the opportunity to meet you and share some of these important family chronicles that I continue to research and document.

    Please feel free to contact me at email jimpowerjr@aol.com.

    And many thanks for your fine work that I enjoy reading week after week.

    Regards from Boston, Jim Power (grandson of Mary Frances Dickson Power Lindemann, 1892 – 1972)

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  2. Thank you for the photos! I,too, am descended from David Madison Dickson and Mary Ann Goss. Their granddaughter, Mary Tallulah Dickson, moved to back to Georgia in the 1890s to teach art at the Georgia Baptist Female Seminary, now Brenau University. I am her great granddaughter, live in Georgia, and teach at Brenau University.


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