The Passive Activist, a recap

We Americans are living with an unprecedented absence of leadership. In the Deep South, we have lived with this void for most of our history, so we’re a little more used to it than the rest of the nation— but that doesn’t make it OK. In the face of Congressional deadlock, soaring national debt, secular/religious strife, rogue policy actions by state legislatures, mistrust of the police, declines in public education funding, exorbitant college costs, internet predators and trolls, crumbling labor unions, global warming, and the ultimate insanity of all: the elementary-school child pick-up . . . the Passive Activist series offers ideas for how ordinary people can create and implement positive change in our own lives. Movements are made up of people.

Since last November, I’ve been writing these Passive Activist posts. In case you’ve missed any, here’s a recap. Just click on the red title to go right to it.

Passive Activist, an introduction: Vote.

Passive Activist 2: Join a parent-teacher organization.

Passive Activist 3: Read poetry.

Passive Activist 4: Don’t bag your leaves.

Passive Activist 5: Support and patronize public libraries.

Passive Activist 6: Stop using disposable razors.

Passive Activist 7: Understand the difference between Democrats and Republicans.


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