Deep Southern Gardening Mysteries #10 and #11

Last week, my daughter and I went hiking in Chewacla State Park, near Auburn, and I stopped to look at both of these plants. Since I found the Pl@ntNet app, I’ve had help identifying things when I didn’t know what they were, but I’m not sure about the app’s answers this time.

The first one was scattered about on the floor of the wooded areas. Once or twice while we hiked, I did see it in clusters of a dozen or so, but it was usually by itself. Some were in shady areas and others in the sun. Pl@ntNet told me it is Virginia creeper, but it was wasn’t climbing anything, like that plant usually does, and in my yard I’ve never seen it flower. Anybody know what this is?

red flower in Chewacla

The other one was also low to the ground, always in sunny spots, and mostly near the edge of the little reservoir at the park. It appeared in clusters, but the individual plants were not close together. Any guesses?

yellow flower at Chewacla

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