A little nod to the “Sweet Sunny South”

Throughout the month of June, Sierra Nevada Brewing in Chico, California, had their summertime Beer Camp festivals across the nation. Though the nearest one to the Deep South was in Tampa, Florida – a seven-and-a-half hour drive of nearly 500 miles from where I live – I did get to enjoy a “Sweet Sunny South” from their “one-time-only variety pack.”

Although “Sweet Sunny South” was flavored with tea, peaches, and grits, it tasted a kind of like a grapefruit shandy, and was even a little bit pink coming out of the bottle and into the glass. The label says that it was concocted with Austin Beerworks in Texas, Bayou Teche in Lousiana, Creature Comforts in Georgia, Funky Buddha in Florida, and Wicked Weed in North Carolina. (I don’t what was so wrong with the Alabama breweries, but I guess folks have their reasons.) With an ABV just under 5%, they called this one a “Southern Table Beer.” I’m just enough of a redneck not to know what that means: my beer stays in the cooler until I drink it.

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