Recycling in Montgomery: The Latest Chapter

This week, the City of Montgomery took action that would give our local leaders ownership of the IREP recycling facility here. I’ve been following this story for several years – from the announcement three years ago to the return of curbside recycling service in 2014, followed by a much-lauded operation that shut down abruptly in late 2015 – and I’m among those who want to see this effort succeed.

The City’s press release from July 19 explains that IREP, the company that built and had been operating the facility, would be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which would allow the City to take it over and find a new way to operate it “with the goal of finding a forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious solution to Montgomery’s recycling needs.”

The Montgomery Advertiser reported that the City’s Director of Finance Barry Crabb “said discussions have already been held with five potential companies and more meetings are planned. One potential hiccup in the negotiating process is that the city hopes to provide no more capital than the multi-million dollar facility it will acquire if the bankruptcy is approved.”

Earlier this year, there had been reports that the City was working to take over the IREP facility. Though I’m sorry that the IREP couldn’t carry out their plans long-term, I’m glad to see that City leaders have stuck with it!

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