Kentuck and the Boogie

This weekend, folks in Alabama have a huge and very important choice to make: do I go to the Kentuck Festival of the Arts in Northport, or do I go to the Fall Boogie in Waverly? Technically, it would be possible to go to Waverly on Saturday and Kentuck on Sunday, but that’d mean some serious driving. The Auburn Tigers are off this weekend, and that other team has an away game against somebody or other, so we won’t be missing out on any tailgating.

Me, I’ll be at Kentuck with my students on Saturday, so the Boogie will be a no-go. I’ve taken a group every year since 2009, to interview some of the artists there and write articles for our newsprung website. While they’re working, I meander around, look at the art, and listen to some music. (Although I’m glad to go to Kentuck, I am sorry to be missing Corey Harris over in Waverly.)

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