It’s time to #vote, #Alabama!

ALcandobetter1Primary elections are this Tuesday, June 5, in Alabama, so please go vote! We’ve actually got choices this go-round, with some Democrats and some Republicans, many of whom want to take office and change the stale culture of our politics. If you haven’t done your homework yet, there’s still time to get on the web and read up on the races and candidates in your area. If you live in Montgomery, here’s a link to the Election Center, which offers online sample ballots for both parties.

The importance of voting can’t be understated when we’re talking about a system that needs to change. Considering that, when turnout is only 30%, a candidate elected with just over half the vote – let’s say 55% – has really been elected by only 16% of registered voters. That’s not a majority when 16% have gotten their choice, 14% have not gotten their choice, and 70% had no say in who governs us, passes new laws, and creates our budgets.

Please go vote on June 5. Alabama can do better.

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