A Moveable Feast: Vegetable Beds for a Rebirthed School Garden

*If you haven’t already, you should read the previous post, “A Moveable Feast: The Rebirth of a School Garden.”

It seems that my “rebirthed” school garden is almost up and ready. On a Tuesday morning, over spring break, I met the tractor man and showed him where to till up the soil that will be our vegetable beds for A Moveable Feast. That morning, he cut in two 10′ x 30′ tracts, and after he did his work, I did mine, covering them with plastic to warm up the soil and choke out the weeds. When we get back, we’ll see which students are ready to play in the dirt.

These two tracts will be a great improvement over our previous situation. By comparison, the old school garden at the Union Street Campus had six 8′ x 4′ raised beds, which gave 192 square feet of growing space. These two tracts, at 300 square feet each, will give us just over triple that amount of space.

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