A Southern Movie Bonus: Spooky, Scary, Southern Sampler

In October, everybody loves horror movies. Even people who don’t like horror movies. All of the movies listed below are set in the Deep South, are available on streaming services, and can satisfy a Halloween-time craving for a spooky, scary movie.

Squirm (1976)

If you’re creeped out by worms, this is the horror movie for you. Set in the fictional Southern small town of Fly Creek, Squirm was filmed in Georgia. The premise is that a storm hits the power lines, which surges into the grounds and super-charges the worms down there. Of course, they go nuts wanting to kill everyone.

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)

A classic 1970s cult-themed horror movie, Mardi Gras Massacre is centered around a killer who picks up women, mostly prostitutes, and takes them back to his weird secret room, where he has an altar to sacrifice them on. This movie has a lot of nudity in it, but the camera guys only seemed to know how to film from one angle, off in the distance to the left. The acting is terrible, the violence is hokey, etc.

The Beast Within (1982)

Filmed in Mississippi, this movie is most famous for its monster transformation scene. By modern standards, the special effects aren’t great, but you don’t really watched an old horror movie because you’re looking for modern standards.

Voodoo Dawn (1991)

Skeleton Key (2005)

Kate Hudson is an in-home nurse who agrees to take a job way out in the middle of nowhere in Louisiana. The conflict is built upon the patient in her charge, who has had a stroke and can’t talk. Everyone around her behaves very suspiciously . . . then she finds out why.

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