Nobody’s Home: Modern Southern Folklore

I’m proud to unveil the second of my two new editorial projects. Nobody’s Home: Modern Southern Folklore is an online anthology of creative nonfiction works about the prevailing beliefs, myths, and narratives that have driven Southern culture over the last fifty years, in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The publication will collect personal essays, memoirs, short articles, opinion pieces, and contemplative works about the ideas, experiences, and assumptions that have shaped life below the old Mason-Dixon Line since 1970.

Submissions are now being accepted, and there are guidelines posted on the site. If you’re more of an interested reader than a potential contributor, you can start with my introductory essay, “Myths are the truths we live by,” then you can Like Nobody’s Home on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Access to Nobody’s Home is free, and while the project is intended for a general readership, teachers will also be encouraged to share the anthology with their students and use the works in their classrooms.

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