The Fourth Batch of New Works in “Nobody’s Home”

Earlier this week, the fourth batch of creative nonfiction works was added to Nobody’s Home: Modern Southern Folklore. That batch completes the initial compilation of the online anthology, which has taken place during the last year. The anthology now has forty-four works by forty-one writers from all over the South, as well as twenty-three posts in the editor’s blog. Not a bad final result for a year’s work, and more is coming later in 2021: lesson plans and more blog posts. To read the published works, visit the anthology’s index.

For those writers who may still want to submit, there will be an open submissions period in the spring, and I will continue to look at submissions of reviews and interviews year-round. 

Finally, here is a selection of posts from Groundwork, my editor’s blog:

September 4, 2021: Reading Ben Beard’s The South Never Plays Itself
August 31, 2021: Watching “Fertile Ground” on PBS
August 24, 2021: A Road Trip, Southbound
August 5, 2021: People are gon’ do what they’re gon’ do: COVID in the South
July 22, 2021: Reading Noel Polk’s Outside the Southern Myth
July 6, 2021: Watching Meltdown in Dixie from America ReFramed on PBS
June 29, 2021: Reading Matthew Lassiter’s The Silent Majority
June 22, 2021: Myths and Facts: LGBTQ in the South
June 3, 2021: Watching Far East Deep South from America ReFramed on PBS
May 25, 2021: Reading South to a New Place, edited by Suzanne W. Jones and Sharon Monteith
May 4, 2021: Vox Press’s new Mississippi Prison Writings anthology
April 10, 2021: More Substance than Stereotype: Southerners and Guns
March 25, 2021: Reading Myth and Southern History, Volume 2: The New South
February 23, 2021: Reading Alexander Lamis’ The Two-Party South
January 23, 2021: Reading Stephen A Smith’s Myth, Media, and the Southern Mind
December 19, 2020: Reading Jack Temple Kirby’s The Countercultural South
December 8, 2020: The Looming Specter of the Dormant Voter
November 24, 2020: Reading Charles Reagan Wilson’s Judgment & Grace in Dixie
November 12, 2020: Work
November 3, 2020: Reagan at Neshoba, August 1980
October 13, 2020: Crazy, Wrong Madness
September 29, 2020: A Personal Religion that Goes Public
September 17, 2020: Narratives, Old and New


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