Thank you! #BTWStrong

Thank you so much to everyone who read and shared “When my school burned . . .” last week. This week has been a whirlwind of mixed emotions and hard work for everyone involved with the school: administration, faculty, students, alumni, parents, supporters, everyone.

During the move, every time I turned around someone else was at my classroom door, asking, “Do you need any help?” If I didn’t, the person moved right along and was asking other teachers. Every time I picked up my phone, there were more emails and texts and Facebook messages and posts, asking, “How can I help?”

And I saw our alumni page on Facebook light up with activity, which included fundraising and volunteering initiatives and efforts to organize for the future.

We moved into Hayneville Road Elementary this week, after MPS staff, contractors, and crews of laborers worked their tails off to get a recently closed school ready for us to occupy— in one week! The big pile of stuff you see here is what came from 305-D, and now it’s waiting to become home for the Creative Writing magnet.

I can’t say thank you enough times. To our school administrators, to MPS, to volunteers of all stripes, to alumni, to Montgomery, to our fellow educators, to the PTAs and PTSAs, to anyone who donated money or items, to anyone who said a prayer for us, no matter where you are, I thank you sincerely for anything you did for BTW Magnet.


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