School Garden

In 2015, Foster created an extracurricular school garden project at the arts high school where he teaches. The project focuses on providing students with opportunities to learn about raising vegetables on a small scale without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but it has also involved students in activities related to gardening, sustainability, and healthy eating. Since the August 2018 fire that caused the school to relocate, the project, which is now called A Moveable Feast, is being rebuilt as a school garden and outdoor classroom on the site of what had once been an elementary-school playground. To learn about the project and its history, click on the links below:

“Two MPS teachers selected to attend sustainability academy in Montana” in the Montgomery Advertiser, April 21, 2019

A Moveable Feast: Vegetable Beds for a #schoolgarden

A Moveable Feast: The Rebirth of a #schoolgarden

The School Garden, Year Three

A mid-summer progress report on the school garden

Humble progress at the school garden

A few months later . . . voila— a vegetable garden

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